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24.70 EUR 19.70 EUR

Content: 30 ml (3 x 10 ml)
Isopentyl Nitrite - CAS 110-46-3
Isopentanol - CAS 123-51-3
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4
Isopropanol - CAS 67-63-0
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7

Buy the Munich Poppers Pack and get three incredible poppers at a low price! Try the Green Power Poppers, Xtrash and Beast for some great poppers sessions!

Poppers are famous for their stimulating sensations and relaxing effects on your body, making you enjoy sex and masturbation way more! Simply open one or several bottles and let their aroma fill the room and reach you to experience instant arousal!

The Green Power poppers is a new arrival and what an incredible aroma it has! Mixing propyl and hemp, you're sure to feel all the relaxation you need after a hard day at work! With its quadruple formula, the Beast Poppers will knock your socks off and prepare you for some hard sessions solo or with a partner. And finally, the Xtrash poppers will turn you into a sex beast for some wild sex!

Where to buy poppers in Munich? At best, order poppers in our online shop for a lot of choice, a quick dispatch and the guarantee of fresh products directly at your doorstep!

Product details:
✓ Premium poppers pack
✓ Stabilised and purified formulas
✓ Longer-lasting and stronger effects
✓ Stays fresh and potent
✓ Incredible sensations
✓ Secure cap
✓ Practical bottles

This pack contains:

1 x XTRASH small, 10 ml
1 x GREEN POWER small, 10 ml

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